Manhwa Review – Girls of the Wild’s

girls of the wild queen

Wild’s High School is an all-female private high school that specializes in fighting, but the school later converts to a mixed-gender school. Jae Gu, a teenage boy who acts as a caretaker and sole guardian for his two younger sibling decides to attend the school because he was granted a full scholarship. Jae Gu who suffers from gynophobia (fear of women) and has a lack of martial arts experience will have quite the interesting journey ahead of him. 

Genre: Martial Arts, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Harem, Slice of Life

When I first read the synopsis of this manhwa, I expected  it to be a typical harem story with beautiful girls who eventually become infatuated with a more or less competent male lead. Well…I was almost right! It’s pretty much exactly that. There are beautiful girls. There is a more or less competent male lead. However,  I would take out the word ‘typical’ and any of the associations that come with that word when I think of this manhwa.


Girls of the Wild feature many competent female characters since the story is based in a martial arts high school. These girls are fierce, tough, and ready to kick some major ass. Well, this mostly applies to our three main female leads that Jae Gu becomes most acquainted with throughout the story.  Not surprisingly, Jae Gu is nowhere near the power level of these girls (is it over 9000?!). However, given his life circumstances, it makes sense. His father died and his mother left Jae Gu and his two younger siblings to fend for themselves when he was only a young boy. Ever since then, he lived in the slums and took care of his siblings, struggling to provide for them as a part-time car washer while he continues to attend school. Because of his mother, he eventually grew a hatred and fear of women. His troubling childhood made him a very timid boy, and as a result, he was constantly bullied.

Jae Gu meets many girls on his first day of school and agonizes his decision on attending, but he decides to commit to his education because of the full scholarship he received. His encounter with Queen, Yoon In Gyi, the strongest fighter in the school, was the moment his life began changing. Jae Gu could not stand Queen’s personality, and unwittingly called her a monster. Queen comes from an affluent and wealthy family. She is confident, intelligent, and strong. However, she struggles to convey her emotions openly. Jae Gu and the queen get off at a very rough start, but as the two learn more of their individual circumstances, they start to become friends, and perhaps eventually go farther than that.


Girls of the Wild’s is predominantly a story of personal growth for our male lead, complemented with charming female characters, and lots of intense martial arts fighting. The girls that he meets decide to teach him how to fight and to learn to stand up for himself. Of course, they start to become infatuated with him as well because of his above average looks and compassion (being the only boy in the school helps a little..sort of).

Anime_GOTW_Song_Jae_Gu  girl_of_the_wild__s__rip_off__choi_dal_dal_by_shamoymoy-d5dilmt

As much as how pivotal fighting is, romance, relationships, and drama are also key elements to the story. Jae Gu is rather closed-minded and weak at first, but he definitely changes his perspective. Although I admit it is disheartening and slightly annoying how weak some male leads are, here he actually has legitimate reasons for his nature, and the way he eventually becomes more and more confident in himself is very satisfying. If you want a good blend of amazingly badass female characters blended in with romance, slice of life, drama, and comedy, this would be a great read for you!


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