Manhwa Review – Girls of the Wild’s

girls of the wild queen

Wild’s High School is an all-female private high school that specializes in fighting, but the school later converts to a mixed-gender school. Jae Gu, a teenage boy who acts as a caretaker and sole guardian for his two younger sibling decides to attend the school because he was granted a full scholarship. Jae Gu who suffers from gynophobia (fear of women) and has a lack of martial arts experience will have quite the interesting journey ahead of him.  Continue reading


Manga Review – Yamada and the Seven Witches

yamada and the seven witches

Yamada is an apathetic delinquent boy who finds school tiresome. Shiraishi is the smartest girl in school, and is a very bookish and mellow person. A chance encounter occurs between the two, and they end up swapping bodies. A wacky, gender bender romantic comedy awaits! Continue reading